What a great piece from Robin Rendle. I can totally relate to his desire of not taking something new too seriously. Being too serious about learning something or focusing too much on potential outcomes and how it might influence your career doesn’t necessarily lead to anything.

The following example illustrates a phenomenon I also see in things I do.

The other day I told C that that’s the biggest difference between us. Whenever she does anything—sudokus, puzzles, etc.—it has nothing to do with her career or her job and it’s not about kickstarting a fledgling youtube or tiktok career. She earnestly just wants to do the thing. No there’s no dreams of blowing up twitter with a hot take or getting an award on stage. But me? Sometimes I want to take over the world. There’s a deep-set narcissism in my belly and in my weaker moments I want to see my songs and pictures and writing frozen behind glass in the Louvre.

Make neat things and have fun doing it!

Jan Früchtl @coolcut