F1 2022

Over the past two years, I rediscovered my interest in F1. When I was a little kid, Schumacher at Ferrari was F1 to me. Later, I watched the young Sebastian Vettel dominate the sport for some years, but my overall interest slowly evaporated during the early 2010s.

For years and years, I basically ignored F1. I wasn’t interested in it, it felt boring to me, and I actively tried to prevent watching it.

Drive to Survive

This all changed when Drive to Survive premiered. What’s not to love about a dramatic recap of a sports season? I had no idea about any of the past seasons, and thought I should give it a try.

Looking back at it, it’s funny how Drive to Survive, a Netflix produced TV show, pulled me back into F1, and this time way more deeply than I’d have ever imagined. Paired with the pandemic starting in 2020 and the second season of Drive to Survive I’m back in the F1 universe.

I basically did a 180 on my relationship to F1, but looking at why people love sports, it totally makes sense. Sport is mostly about stories, rivalries and drama. Drive to Survive, a highly produced show focused on drama and entertainment, was my gateway back into it. With a growing interest, you consume more stories, learn more about drivers and the drama.

Furthermore, I’ve seen similar reactions around some of my friends. They gave Drive to Survive a try and now watch all the races or at least are way more interested in the sport in general.


This weekend, the 2022 season starts. I thought it would be fun to share some of my guesses about the upcoming season:

Top 5 Drivers

  1. Hamilton
  2. Verstappen
  3. Sainz
  4. Russell
  5. Leclerc


  1. Mercedes
  2. Ferrari
  3. Red Bull
  4. McLaren
  5. Alpine
  6. Haas
  7. AlphaTauri
  8. Aston Martin
  9. Williams
  10. Alfa Romeo

In the end, there is one connecting feeling between soccer and F1 for me. I don’t want to see Red Bull win!

Jan Früchtl @coolcut