If your existence is all about work, and work goes to shit, then life goes to shit too. If you live for your hobby, and your hobby hits the wall, then your life crashes too. If everything else is waiting until you hang with your mates, and your mates fade away, then you fade too. Betting your drive to get up in the morning on a single path will leave you completely stuck if that one road is blocked. — world.hey.com

Reading this some days ago reminded me a lot about my past year. Life can feel quite shaky if the major pieces of one’s existence over the past years aren’t feeling great anymore. While everything is a rollercoaster sometimes, it even is more worrisome if the usual fallbacks don’t work anymore.

Healthy diversification is key! No single part of my life should be over 50% compared to all the other things.

Jan Früchtl @coolcut